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Frances is a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist. She has been working with clients for over 7 years. She found her way into this work by way of a desire to "care" for or "help" others. In her circle of friends she was considered good at giving advice. Something which on her first day of training was told she shouldn't do in the reality of the therapy session. Her eyes, heart and soul were opened to a different way of looking at the "job", at her potential clients, at life and at herself. A very special journey had begun for her.

Frances has no particular area in which she specialises. She has encountered a great many different issues in the therapy room that include relationship problems, loss, grief, sexual abuse, addiction, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, self-harm, suicidal
thoughts. She likes to meet people where they are at. She has found personally that any expression of a struggling part of the self is an opportunity to learn, heal and grow. While that is not necessarily an easy concept to acknowledge or recognise, it can turn into a very liberating experience - and something she tries to harnass in the work. Integration and self-care are key to the process, promoting a search for wholeness in mind, body and spirit, journalling, exercise and engaging in our passions, just some of the important activities that compliment the therapeutic process.

Frances endeavours to offer a safe and non-judgemental space from which a person can connect (or reconnect) with themselves - with their true selves. She has a keen interest in working with the shadow or darker aspects of the self.
She has been a member of a Care Team in her place of work and has presented workshops on Mindfulness. Frances also features on The Daughterhood.com website as resident psychotherapist.

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