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Maeve has been working in private practice for over twenty years as a complementary therapist. She started off as a sports injury therapist and aromatherapist and continued her training to study reflexology. This only made her realise how little she knew about the human body and mind. In her continuing search to find a therapy that incorporated both mind and body Maeve discovered CranioSacral Therapy.

Learning that our bodies have there own inner wisdom allowed Maeve to facilitate healing and no longer got caught up in trying to "fix" people. Maeve continued on to study and work with babies using CranioSacral Therapy to help with releasing physical and emotional trauma as a direct result from birth. This made her wonder if birth trauma could still be a part of our systems as adults presenting in pain and discomfort in later life. Maeve's continuing search for knowledge on how best to support her clients propelled her to study Traditional Chinese Medicine otherwise known as acupuncture. Yet an other way of working using both the mind and the body as an integral part of each other.

Finally in 2011 Maeve embarked on her training in psychotherapy which became the glue that held and supported all the other therapies she had trained in over the years. It answered so many of her questions about holding on to to birth trauma, and how even our life in the womb can play a part in the development of the person we are today. Maeve was surprised to discover that sitting with people was an even more intimate way of working with people that massage.

Maeve works now combining her understanding of both the mind and the body, helping to facilitate release of physical and emotional trauma. Maeve is a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist and is in the process of been accredited with IAHIP and is also a member of IRI and IMTA and CST-T.

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