How it Works

Step by step, how the process works.

Step One: Choosing a Therapist

Browse our therapists and choose one whose experience and approach best suits your requirements. Every therapist has a dedicated appointment form underneath their profile pages so you can book with them directly.

If you're unsure who to choose, it's not a problem you can simply provide your details and let us decide who would be best suited to work with you.

Step Two: Making your Booking

  1. Session Type: To make your booking you first of all need to select what type of session would suit you. You can review each session type first: Instant chatTelephoneVideo call (Zoom) and select the preferred session type.
  2. Therapist: If you haven't already specified, you can select your preferred therapist or simply select "Any Available" in which case we will allocate a therapist based on the information provided.
  3. Time Zone: You can then specify your time zone. This is important to ensure there is no confusion regarding appointment times and dates when you are in a different time zone from your therapist.
  4. Date & Time: Select the date on which you would like to have your session from the calendar. After selecting the session time you may simply click "Continue" or optionally you can specify a recurring timeslot which suits for the next few weeks. This is a good idea for regular clients who want to ensure the retain a consistent time slot.
  5. Your Info: We then ask that you to complete a brief form outlining your details
  6. Payment: Finally you simply click the "Pay Now" button to be brought to PayPal to complete your payment.

    Note: While it is completely optional, we would welcome you to create an account following your first booking. This makes the process of booking subsequent sessions much simpler and allows you to login and amend your bookings if needed.

Step Three: Your Session

Following your booking you will receive an email confirmation of your booking details and how to make contact. Check these to make sure everything is in order. At the time of your appointment, simply make contact with your therapist who will be waiting for you.



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