Our Philosophy

The philosophy of the IOCPS, has at its core, the belief that when it comes to therapeutic support, that people should be met where they are at; be that emotionally or geographically.

The IOCPS is our contribution towards a shift in support services from the traditional format of a single medium of support at a fixed location, towards a more user friendly service with multiple support options, all within the same professional boundaried framework; that can be accessed with ease from a location that suits and a time that suits. In this we hope to break down some of the barriers to accessing support that the limitations of physical disability, anxiety, work/family commitments, geographic location etc. may place on those in need in relation to traditional face to face supports.

The IOCPS works with clients of all ages (over 18), from small villages in rural Ireland to cities such as Tokyo, Sydney, London etc. Our motto is simple: "Wherever you are, we are", and we will continue towards making our service accessible to more people in need, both at home in Ireland and abroad.

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