“My name is Elizabeth. Having reached 71 years of life ups and downs. Broken marriage, with child on way to bring up, looking after Parents in their old age, and dealing with family differences causing isolation, has taken its toll I was left feeling broken, empty and lonely and felt my opinion and my very being stood for nothing. Why I choose Counselling on Skype, was to feel comfortable and at ease in my own surroundings, to open up and build up a good rapport of trust and sensitivity of what was going on inside myself. 

“I was the last person in the world, to think that I needed Counselling. It was by far the greatest gift, I have given to myself, putting myself first for the first time in my life, having some worth and belief, and liking myself, learning to say no where appropriate. A way to go yet. Also if I had picked somebody from my County, I wouldn't have been able to open up. Confidentially was upmost. ” 

”I would recommend anyone to put their trust and hope on the ' Irish Online Counselling & Psychotherapy Service.”

- Elizabeth, Aged 71. Cork, Ireland


"Being a typical Irish man, I was reluctant at first to do counselling. Also with both of having full-time jobs and a young child, getting the time to do it was not easy. The fact that we could do it online made all the difference. It was so convenient. Mary really helped us re-connect. She was such a good listener and really insightful. We are definitely stronger as a couple for it. We still use the tips and tricks we learned to this day! Life can be hard. Don't be afraid to ask for help.”

- Irish based Couple


"It's been a pleasure working with Mary. My partner and I experienced relationship issues after the birth of our son. With the help of Mary we managed to reconnect and find new ways to communicate. This has helped revive the love we have for each other. Since then we even got married and are expecting our second child”

- Eva


"I have my headset on and my bedroom door locked and I enter into a sacred space with my therapist. In that protective cove I have been able to unravel the chains that have bound me for more than 30 years…..She is an amazing therapist….she is my witness”

- Leianna, (began using instant chat, moved to telephone and on to Video)


"Online Counseling has been just what I needed. The support I've found through this service, has allowed me to be myself, to be safe with that and to love it. Living abroad can be isolating, particularly without a strong grasp of the local language, online counselling offers a reliable service which can reach anywhere. It has allowed consistency, as well as flexibility for me while immigrating between different countries for over two years. Thank you kindly. ”

- Female client, Japan, London

"I chose online counselling because I felt so overwhelmed with life I just couldn't bear the thoughts of having to meet another commitment outside the home. Another big 'to-do' for my list ... having to organise childcare to go to a therapist each week would have been just too daunting. Weekly sessions at 7am on a Thursday suits perfectly. By the time the kids are up I've finished my session and having talked through whatever's on my mind I generally feel stronger and ready to face the day and any challenges ahead. I've learned a lot about myself working with Donijka. I'm learning to be kinder to myself and to better communicate my needs to others. It's an understatement to say that the sessions with Donijka over recent months have really helped me to get through a very difficult time in my life."

- Lorna, Co. Leitrim

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