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Roseleen is an experienced on oncology nurse and In more recent years she turned her interest in to developing a role as an Oncology Nurse Counsellor, providing psychological support the patients and families affected by a cancer diagnosis. Her career evolved as she worked in the cancer support centres where she witnessed the positive impact of complementary therapies on the psychological healing of patients.

In 20010 she returned to collage to study counselling and psychotherapy culminating in a diploma from Middlesex University. She is now commencing her MSc in Psychotherapy studies. She places importance on continuous professional development as a means of refining her skills as a psychotherapist with the ability to apply different types of therapy depending on the clients need.

Her philosophy is founded in the person centred approach were the most fundamental aspect of counselling is the relationship between the counsellor and the client in order for the client to achieve what they want from therapy.

While counselling is often seen as problem focused that is just one aspect. But she believes that holistic counselling can work on all aspects of our Selves i.e the physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual aspects to support our personal human development journey. She would also use other health disciplines as recourse such as acupuncture and yoga, and mindfulness.

Roseleens way of working has been further influenced by her additional training in Psychsynthesis Purpose, meaning and values are touchstone concepts in psychosynthesis, pointing to the ever-present Self. Her most recent therapy model she has studied to become an ACT MBI practitioner.

The ACT model acknowledges thoughts and feelings without judgment. The mind is freed to become more psychological flexible through the development of mindfulness skills and guides towards acting out of our core values. We can then choose to take action to lead a more meaningful life. Our attention is draw to a subtle but consistent Source of guidance that comes from within.

Cultivating acceptance, mindfulness and openness to experience is very effective therapy for many presenting issues in both short term and long term therapy.

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