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Donna's counselling journey began over 20 years ago with the completion of a certificate in counselling and personal development. She felt at this point that she did not have enough life experience to be an effective counsellor and so pursued her first degree in Theatre Studies, taking modules in Drama Therapy and Community Theatre. As her children grew up she felt the calling of a full counselling qualification get louder and in 2014 she qualified with Distinctions, as an Integrative Counsellor, from the University of Ulster. She is an accredited member of the National Counselling Society and a member of the Association for Counselling and Therapy Online (ACTO) which ensures that all their members are appropriately trained to work effectively online.

Donna works extensively with survivors of sexual abuse, rape and sexual violence and has completed extensive training in this field. A client will NEVER be asked to detail the abuse and all disclosures will be handled with the utmost delicacy. During these traumas the clients will have not only lost a sense of themselves but also a sense of control and Donna aims to help her clients regain this control as well as as well as meeting the clients goals.

She works both in the public sector and in private practice, offering face to face and online counselling and has worked with clients across all age ranges, from age 16, up to and beyond retirement. She currently work with Nexus Ni, a charitable organisation specialising in sexual violence and childhood sexual abuse.

Donna has the fullest commitment to offering a service which is welcoming and inclusive of all, in a supportive and manner. People are different and respond in various ways to life's challenges. Donna believes that "one counselling approach does not fit all." and being an Integrative counsellor she has the freedom to use various techniques from multiple theories to tailor her approach to the needs of the individual client, drawing from the wealth of models and techniques available.

Donna believes that good counselling can help a client to shine a flash-light on life's stumbling blocks, which in turn gives them the opportunity to side step the obstacles or do a good tidy up in the big house of life. She offers all her clients empathy, genuineness and a non-judgemental attitude and welcomes them to take the first step in regaining control of their lives and contact her today.

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