Our Therapists


Majella Phelan

Majella is a qualified psychotherapist and is accredited with the IACP. Majella has an honours degree in counselling and psychotherapy from Middlesex University, a Diploma in Youth and Community Work from UCC and has most recently completed a Level 8 Certificate with ACCORD in Person Centred Marriage and Relationship counselling. She has been working with clients for the past 5 years in a private capacity and also works with ACCORD’s service in her local area.

Majella completed a course in adult psychology with Kilroy’s college before finding her true passion as a counsellor and psychotherapist. Majella is also passionate about helping people through situations of high conflict in life and has completed a course in mediation and conflict resolution. In addition to this, she has completed separating couples’ mediation training and is in a good position to help clients who are going through a separation or divorce of any kind, or even thinking about that.

Majella provides a safe and accepting space for her clients, allowing them the freedom to express what is going on for them and offers guidance and insights to help clients in resolving difficulties being experienced in their lives. Majella is an empathic and sensitive counsellor who can help clients explore the depth of their difficulties at a pace and in a way that is right for the client.


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