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Sarah is a fully qualified counselling psychologist and is accredited with the Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI).

She completed a Masters in Irish Literature before deciding to pursue a Doctorate in counselling psychology with Trinity College, Dublin. Sarah completed her doctorate in 2013 and is proficient in several modalities including humanistic, cognitive-behavioural, emotion-focused and psychodynamic therapy. She has worked with clients across the lifespan and in a variety of settings over the past 7 years. These have included working within the Health Service Executive (HSE), corporate setting, prison setting and private practice. For the past 4 years, Sarah has worked in a forensic psychology setting providing assessments and therapy for clients who have offended. In particular, Sarah has worked with clients who have sexually offended or acted out in a sexually inappropriate manner.

Sarah believes in providing a safe space for the client where they are met with compassion and nonjudgement. She feels that the client possesses the inner resources within themselves to move through difficult experiences but may need support in facilitating this process through therapy. Sarah believes in meeting the client where they are and tailoring her therapeutic approach to the client’s needs.

Sarah is particularly passionate about issues relating to sex and body positivity, gender and cultural issues as well as self-development and awareness.

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